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Applicants will be scrutinised and selected by two level of selection committies:

  • District Selection Committee, and;

  • State Selection Committee

The District Selection Committee comprises of the District Officer as Chairman and other members appointed by him. Their duties are short-listing and recommending eligible applicants for approval by the State Selection Committee.

The actual selection of the applicants is done by State Selection Committee which is chaired by Minister or Assistant Minister of Industrial Development. The members of the committee comprising of Permanent Secretaries of various State Government Ministries and Senior Civil Servants.


Criteria to serve as guidelines to select the applicants are as follows:

  • The applicants are having existing businesses but do not possess suitable premises or renting shophouses to run their business.

  • The applicants have the capability to run their own businesses.

  • The applicants have the capability to service their loan.

  • Preference would be given to local residents of the area.

  • The applicants should be of good character.

  • The age of the applicants should be between 21- 60 years.


Successful applicants are given soft loan financing to purchase shophouses with a minimal Management Fees of 5 to 6% per annum. They are also given a grace period of 3 months before starting their repayments to Perkasa Realty Sdn. Bhd.

The period of repayment varies from 10 - 20 years depending on the structure of the buildings. Temporary or semi permanent shophouses had been given 10 - 15 years repayment period, whilst permanent shophouses is fixed at 20 years. However, the repayment period and Management Fee rates are subject to revision from time to time to suit the current circumstances.


Based on overall perspective the soft loan scheme is much benefiting Bumiputera entrepreneurs to own well planned and more conducive shophouses in urban and rural arears. However, Perkasa Realty Sdn. Bhd. need to collect loan advances given to Bumiputera promptly in order to finance new developments. With sufficient fund through collection of loan advances, Perkasa Realty Sdn. Bhd. is looking forward to more future undertaking to realise a Bumiputera Commerce and Industrial Community (BCIC) in Sabah.


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